PVC Resin

PVC Resin

PVC resin We do not produce PVC resin But we buy in bulk to produce one pack/compound. We can get better price than you can. We always do 3 times quality testing and inspection in our factory. After inspection, then arrange shipment for you. If you met any quality problems due to our additives,...

Product Details

PVC resin

Physical and chemical property 

The natural color is yellowish translucent, glossy. Transparency is better than polyethylene and polypropylene. By using different dosage of additives, it can be divided into soft and Rigid PVC application.

Rigid PVC

Barrel temperature:160-190℃
Die temperature:40-60℃
Drying temperature:80℃x2h
Injection pressure:700-1500kg/cm2
Molding shrinkage:0.1-0.5%
Moisture Absorption (24H):0.1-0.4%
Melt softening point:89℃
Heat distortion temperature:70℃

Soften pvc

Barrel temperature:140-170℃
Die temperature:40-60℃
Drying temperature:80℃x2h
Injection pressure:600-1500kg/cm2
Molding shrinkage:0.1-0.5%
Moisture Absorption (24H):0.1-0.4%
Melt softening point:85℃
Heat distortion temperature:55℃ 


1.PVC profiles
Profiles is one of the largest PVC application in china, the consumption is about 25%.It mainly used in the production of door frames, windows and other energy-saving materials. In developed countries, the market share of  doors frames and Windows is also in high percentage:Germany at 50%, France 56% and America 45%.
2. PVC pipes
PVC pipes are the second largest consumption area in rigid PVC application, the consumption is about 25%. In china, PVC pipe is developed early with a variety of types. It has excellent performance and wide range.
3. PVC films
PVC films is the third largest consumption in PVC applications, the consumption is about 10%. It is wildly used in packaging bags, raincoats, tablecloths, curtains, inflatable toys, etc.Wide transparent film can be used for greenhouse, plastic greenhouse and films.
4.PVC sheet/board
The laminated sheet can be overlapped with hot pressing, which can be made into various thickness sheet and board.The sheet and board can be cut into different shape, and then welding by the hot air and made into the storage tank, duct and containers.
5.Soften PVCapplication
By Extruders,It can be extruded into hoses, cables, wires, etc. Using injection molding machines,it can be made into plastic sandals, sole, slippers, toys, auto parts etc.
6. PVC packaging materials.
PVC products are used in packaging mainly for various containers, films and sheet. PVC container mainly for mineral water bottle, beverage, cosmetic bottle, also has the packaging for refined oil. PVC film can also be used for stretching or thermal shrinkable packaging for packaging mattresses, cloth, toys and industrial goods.
7. PVC panel and floor.
PVC panel is mainly used to replace aluminum panel. In PVC floor formula,it is added lots of recycled material, addtives, filler and other components, mainly used in airport terminal area and other places of hard ground.
8. PVC consumer goods.
It is used to make various kinds of imitation leather for luggage, sports products, such as basketball, football and football. It can also be used to make belts for uniforms and special protective equipment. And also poncho, baby pants, imitation leather jackets and various rain boots. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is used in many sports entertainment, such as toys, music and sports supplies, PVC toys and sporting goods increase fast, because of its low production cost, easy to shape and cost-performance.
9.PVC Coating products
Artificial leather can be used to make leather case, leather bag, book cover, sofa and car seat cushion, as well as floor leather for building materials.
10.PVC foaming products
It can make foam slippers, sandal, insole, and shockproof buffer packing material. It can also be used as a new type of building material, which can be used as a low foaming hard PVC sheet and special shaped material, and can be used as a substitute for wood.
11.PVC transparent film and sheet.
Adding impact modifier and tin stabilizer, PVC can be made into transparent film and sheet. It is an excellent packaging material and decorative material.
12.Other application
WPC,Imitation wood material, substitute steel building materials and hollow container etc.

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