Paraffin Wax Additives PW300

Paraffin Wax Additives PW300

Low density polyethylene (LDPE) homopolymer used for use in dispersion for rigid PVC application, such as PVC profiles,PVC cables,PVC pipe fittings and so on. Packaging and storage • 25 kg Kraft bag • Store in dry conditions • Store at room temperature • Refer to MSDS...

Product Details

PE WAX PW-300 

Shandong Polymer additives Co., Ltd is an industry-leading technology company that is redefining rigid PVC processing by supplying innovative polymer additives. Our processing aid, impact modifier, thermal stabilizers and lubricants offer unique opportunities to influence and control how PVC behaves during processing, which directly and positively impacts cost, production, and overall efficiency. 

Property Value
CAS No. 09002-88-4
Appearance White Powder
Softening point:90-93℃
Density (g/cm3) 0.92
Needle penetration:3-4