Wide Application Of PVC Polyethylene Wax

- Dec 15, 2018-

Polyethylene wax coatings are widely used in low molecular weight polyethylene homopolymers or interpolymers. The primary effects of polyethylene wax in coating film according to solvent are: matting, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, anti-polishing, anti-symbol, anti-blocking, anti-settling agent, thixotropic; outstanding lubricity and operability ; metal pigment azimuthal relationship. The so-called wax, which means that after all, the polymer is in the form of a microcrystalline wax floating cloth that plays a similar but more than a waxy sample with an outer layer of the coating.

The polyethylene wax is dissolved in a solvent at a high temperature and cooled to a normal temperature to be deposited in a manner existing in the crystallite of the coating, because of its advantageous thixotropic paint storage and use of the coating after use, the transpiration in the process of the solvent can be Moves to the exterior of the film to form a "wax" of paint exterior and other components.

The effect of the polyethylene wax depends on the following factors: different standard polyethylene waxes, the fineness of the final particle size can be transferred to the coating appearance and coating composition, the properties of the coated substrate, construction and the like.