What Should Pay Attention When Adding PVC Processing Aids?

- Dec 03, 2018-

The addition of PVC processing aids is to improve the plasticizing function of PVC products, so that they can obtain useful plasticization and stability functions. Need to pay attention to the increase in PVC processing aids? Since PVC processing aids are a chemical, the added dose and the quality of the processing aid should be emphasized when increasing. PVC processing auxiliaries should be sealed when used, and should not be touched by the outside world to prevent functional changes. In addition, PVC processing aids can not be stored in wet places, PVC processing aids are powdered goods, if PVC processing aids are stored in a humid place. The moisture that absorbs the environment will condense into a block. Such PVC processing aids cannot be used.

    PVC processing auxiliaries need to pay attention to some important matters when increasing, such as: processing temperature. It is well known that plastic processing is demanding temperature improvement, and it is useful for processing at high temperatures. PVC processing aids are used to ensure the function of plastic products when the plastic is heated. Therefore, the quality, dosage and added methods of PVC processing aids are important. We should pay attention to the dose control when the PVC processing aid is increased. PVC processing aids are non-toxic and harmless, so there is no need to think about the harmful scenes and air pollution.