Polyethylene wax for the chemical industry

- Dec 14, 2018-

Polyethylene wax is a commonly used chemical raw material and is often used in chemical additives shopping malls. It is a low molecular wax. The polyethylene wax paste can be obtained by low temperature activation, and the raw material is polyethylene wax, which is a kind of colloid formed by a series of disorderly physical and chemical reactions.

Polyethylene wax dustproofing is a typical application of polyethylene wax to facilitate the handling of the viscosity of various coatings during activity and to modify other fluids into thixotropic fluids. The purpose is to be able to manipulate the viscosity during construction to facilitate the sedimentation of the pigment. At present, there are seven chemical substances in the market, such as handling viscosity, fumed silica, polyethylene wax, polyamide wax, bentonite, modified furnace castor oil, reducing urea compounds, type polyurethane and so on.

Polyethylene wax paste is a kind of colloid. It is decomposed by high shear force to achieve an activated, colloidal colloidal state. His strength is to avoid hard precipitation, less impact on gloss, good viscosity stability and temperature insensitivity. .

Molecular polyamide wax is a network structure, which can effectively improve the viscosity. When subjected to external force, its molecular structure will change, forming an independent needle-like structure. When the external force is not seen, the molecule and can return to the original way.