What Is The Difference Between Pvc Processing Aids And PVC Foaming Regulators?

- Dec 27, 2018-

The two words of PVC processing aid and PVC foaming regulator are literally different, but is there any difference? This is the case, PVC foaming regulator is actually a PVC processing auxiliaries. When we process PVC materials, we often need to add a series of PVC processing auxiliaries, including PVC foaming regulators.

PVC processing aids include various products such as plasticizers, stabilizers, pigments, etc. Therefore, PVC foaming regulators are one type of PVC processing aids. From the current PVC processing market, the use rate of PVC foaming regulator is very large. PVC foaming regulator is a PVC processing aid used for foaming adjustment when PVC material is used for atomization. PVC material needs to be foamed when it is used. The foaming quality and quantity of PVC material during foaming processing are all It can play a certain role in the quality and performance of PVC materials after they are processed into finished products. PVC foaming regulators need to look for the grades when using them, look for the performance of the products, what kind of PVC processing additives should be added to the PVC materials, because the grades of processing aids are consistent with the PVC materials, and the relevant grades are used. The PVC processing aids are fully grasped in the dose control. When we process PVC products, the quality and atomization effect will be better. The molecular weight of the PVC processing aid is related to the atomization effect during processing. Therefore, we are doing PVC processing auxiliaries, not only to choose high-quality PVC processing auxiliaries, but also to use PVC processing auxiliaries with the same grade to ensure safety. Because if the selected auxiliary products do not meet the standard specifications when selecting PVC processing aids, the phenomenon of waste will be generated, which greatly increases the processing cost. We must use high quality PVC processing aids when purchasing. Of course, there are many inferior PVC processing auxiliaries on the market that are flooding the market. Therefore, we must choose PVC processing auxiliaries produced by regular manufacturers.