Use Of Polyethylene Wax In Coating Film

- Dec 16, 2018-

1. Prevent joints: prevent the coating material or the printed matter from being sticky and conforming.

2, control friction coefficient: generally use its low friction coefficient, to provide excellent slip of the coating film, due to different types of wax and a special silk soft touch.

3, to prevent the accumulation of hard knots such as silica, add paint storage.

4, gloss operation: choose the right wax, depending on the number of different matting effects.

5, chemical resistance: because of the impartability and wax coating very good water resistance, salt spray and other functions.

6, to prevent metal scratches: especially in the printing tin plating layer, in addition to providing excellent processing functions, and even to protect the sealed tank storage target storage.

7, wear resistance, scratches, scraping wax to convey the coating film to prevent scratches, scratches and supply wear; such as container coatings, wood coatings, decoration coatings, etc., all need this function.