The Use Of Lubricants In PVC Should Follow The Principle

- Nov 23, 2018-

1. The external lubrication is to ensure that the product does not adhere to the metal surface, and the product has no color-changing paste phenomenon, the smaller the amount, the better;

2. The internal lubrication should be used less under the premise of ensuring that it does not affect the fluidity and plasticization;

3, the same is internal lubrication, as far as possible high and medium temperature low temperature lubricants, the same applies to external lubricants;

4. For products with good fluidity, such as profiles and pipe fittings, the amount of internal lubrication should be slightly more than that of external lubrication; for products that do not require high plasticity, such as pipes, the amount of external lubrication is dominant;

5, the amount of filler increased, the lubricant should be correspondingly increased, light calcium oil absorption value, high calcium absorption value is low, should be noted when using;

6. Foaming products should minimize the amount and use of lubricants that affect foaming, such as paraffin, and reduce the density or increase the calcium content, etc.

7. Unbalanced lubrication, it is necessary to set a principle of lubrication and another lubrication, so as to quickly identify the cause and normal production;