The Recent Market Trend Of MMA

- Nov 05, 2019-

The recent market trend of MMA

Recall that the first half of the MMA market in the down channel, a decline of more than 5500 RMB / ton. Continued decline in the second half of the spot under the tight support, began to rebound in mid-july, the third quarter strong end. What happened to MMA this past month?
Domestic MMA market trend chart


From the chart, it is not difficult to see, only a short month, the domestic MMA market experienced a sharp decline after the rise in the market. The mainstream price of the secondary market in east China climbed to 13,400 RMB/ ton from 12,700 RMB/ ton at the end of September, returning to the price level in mid-may, down 5,100 RMB/ ton from the same period last year, down 27.57% year-on-year. MMA market fell sharply, the mainstream price in east China market within half a month fell 1500 RMB/ ton, market panic psychology.
Multiple factors, Short month-end "phenomenon"
Through communication with people in the industry, we learned that gradually entering the low season of demand, at the end of the month, several factories resumed to restart, and cargo holders reduced their prices and dumped their goods in order to complete their tasks, and so on. The intention to take orders downstream dropped obviously, and the mentality of undercutting prices was strong Buy Up do not buy down fermenting sentiment, market panic appears. But above causes the domestic MMA price to fall in a straight line in the short term. Into the beginning of November, the market slowdown, the domestic MMA trend where to go, whether it is only a short month-end "phenomenon" ?
In November, HMC and Romulus chemical (Shanghai) were overhauled for a month or so respectively. Meanwhile, the demand is more and more obvious in the off-season. As the temperature drops, some downstream production may be limited, and the situation of upstream and downstream game persists. short-term operation is suggested.