Should Promptly Repair Or Replacement Of New Items

- Aug 12, 2015-

 Regulators in the course of the general does not allow the removal of the cover, the normal situation is about every 200h for a comprehensive inspection and maintenance, which reads as follows:

1, remove the shell, check the contact surface dirt and burn. If dirt, use a cleaner paper to wipe the contact surface. If the contact appears ablation or uneven surface lead to poor contact, generally with "00" sandpaper or sand to be polished, and finally clean with a clean paper.

2, check the firmness of each connector, measuring the resistance and the resistance of each coil. If damaged, timely repair or replacement of new parts.

3, check the closing voltage and reverse current of the circuit breaker, the limit voltage of the voltage regulator, the current limit of the current limiter and the gaps and air gaps of various contacts. If not meet the requirements, should be adjusted.

4, check the adjusted regulator, when starting the diesel engine to observe the charge ammeter pointer instructions. If the diesel engine runs at medium speed or above, the ammeter pointer still points to the "-" side, indicating that the circuit breaker contacts are not disconnected and the grounding switch should be quickly opened; otherwise, the battery, regulator and charging generator may be damaged . If the diesel engine starts to the rated speed, the ammeter pointer still points to "0", the adjustment is not adjusted according to the technical requirements and should be re-checked and adjusted.