Safety Of PVC Processing Aids

- Dec 13, 2018-

PVC processing aids are chemical substances that undergo chemical reactions during processing. Chemicals are relatively harmful to the human body, so is the PVC processing aid harmful to the human body? PVC processing aids are attributed to acrylate copolymers and are harmless to the body and are absolutely safe. The physical properties of PVC processing aids are white powders that are easy to move. They are non-toxic and non-corrosive. They are non-hazardous. Polyvinyl chloride is a highly toxic compound that can cause liver, nerve and bone damage. In addition, toys made of polyvinyl chloride have an adverse effect on the body. Because of the aging of PVC, it can decompose hydrogen chloride gas harmful to human body. If children often put PVC toys in their mouths, these harmful substances will be ingested. In the body, affecting health.

In summary: PVC materials have a certain impact on the human body, and PVC processing aids do not affect the health of the body. When we choose PVC processing aids, we can safely select PVC processing aids with good quality.