Promote The Stabilization Of The Main Stabilizer

- Mar 29, 2015-

Can increase the stability of the solution, gel, solid, mixture of chemicals are called stabilizers. It can slow down the reaction, maintain the chemical balance, reduce the surface tension, prevent light, thermal decomposition or oxidative decomposition and so on. Widely defined sources of chemical stabilizers are widely used and can be flexibly used according to the design purpose of the formulator for the purpose of stabilizing the quality of the product.Strictly speaking, mainly refers to the maintenance of polymer plastics, rubber, synthetic fibers Stable to prevent its decomposition, aging reagents.

Auxiliary heat stabilizer itself does not have thermal stability, and only with the main stabilizer used in combination will produce thermal stability, and to promote the stability of the main stabilizer. Auxiliary heat stabilizers generally do not contain metal and are therefore also referred to as non-metal heat stabilizers.

Auxiliary heat stabilizer of the main varieties are -

⑴ phosphites:

Is an important auxiliary heat stabilizer, and Ba / Cd, Ba / Zn compound stabilizer and Ca / Zn compound stabilizer synergistic effect, mainly used in soft PVC transparent formulations, the amount of 0.1-1 parts 

⑵ Epoxy compounds:

With the synergistic effect of metal soap, and organic tin rare earth stabilizer with good effect, the amount of 2-5 copies, commonly used varieties of epoxy soybean oil, epoxy resin.

⑶ polyols, mainly pentaerythritol, xylitol, mannitol, etc., can be combined with the Ca / Zn stabilizer