Plasticization Speed, Good Melt Flow

- Jan 09, 2017-

The nature of processing aids ACR is a solid plasticizer. If the melting point of the ACR is further reduced and the molecular weight is reduced again, the plasticizer eventually becomes. In the study, found that low melting point processing aids (including plasticizers) plasticizing speed, good melt flow, but the melt viscosity is low, the melt strength is low, the melt pressure is low; high melting point processing aids Plasticization slower, poor melt flow, but the melt viscosity, high melt pressure, high melt strength, post-plasticization ability. The former reduces the mechanical properties and weatherability of PVC materials, but the latter almost does not affect the mechanical properties of PVC materials, and its weatherability improved.

Plasticizing a good processing of some ACR, a PVC formulation will greatly improve the extruder current and torque, improve the degree of plasticization of PVC, but another PVC formulations may make PVC products Darker color appears. Sometimes a processing ACR is suitable for fast extruders, but not necessarily for slow extruders, and vice versa. Therefore, to make a processing ACR to meet different formulations, different products, different processing equipment is almost impossible. Similarly, the traditional processing aid ACR, it is necessary to meet the fast plasticization, but also to meet the melt strength, high melt pressure processing requirements are not possible. In order to meet the individual requirements of our customers, we have developed a series of new processing aids with different plasticizing properties and different characteristics to meet the requirements of users. Some of these products can completely replace some of the imported ones Products, we have conducted a detailed study on the performance and usage of these processing aids. As long as the customers put forward their own specific requirements, the company's new materials research center can recommend the applicable product type, dosage and usage method.