Material Properties, Anti-aging Properties

- Jul 24, 2013-

First, confirm the formula of green

Not only for lead, but also for cadmium, tin, barium and other harmful heavy metals should also be identified to confirm the stability of the real green harmless, and also pay attention to the relevant provisions prohibit the addition of other chemicals. Stabilizer manufacturers signed a technical agreement with the agreement to ensure the interests of profile manufacturers.

The methods for accurate determination of lead and cadmium elements include chemical titration, X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) and atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS).

Second, process adaptability

Calcium-zinc stabilizer due to its own lubrication characteristics, the lubricant added more, easily lead to melt viscosity decreased, affecting the product molding.

Calcium-zinc stabilizer thermal stabilizer is relatively lower than the lead-based, processing window to be narrower, higher control requirements.

Third, the cycle of change mode

As calcium and zinc stabilizer lubricant added more easily lead to increased precipitation, thus affecting the clean mold cycle. For greater impact on large-scale production, you need to carefully select the varieties of calcium and zinc stabilizer.

Fourth, product performance: appearance, material properties, anti-aging properties


When the formulation of calcium and zinc stabilizer is not perfect, prone to whiteness (L value) decreased, the color yellow (b value) increased situation;

Calcium zinc stabilizer when precipitated for a long time, easily lead to product surface gloss decline.

Material properties

According to the requirements of GB / T 8814-2004, calcium-zinc stabilizer formulations may have a slight decrease in the welding angle, but in other material properties, are relatively easy to achieve with the lead-based level to meet the national standard.

Anti-aging properties

Calcium-zinc stabilizer In the anti-aging properties, a good formula system can reach the basic level with the lead-based, but some varieties of calcium-zinc stabilizer heat aging properties will decline.

A good calcium-zinc stabilizer formulation system can achieve the equivalent of lead-based weathering. Likewise, the weatherability of calcium-zinc stabilizer systems with inadequate formulations decreases.