Improve The Cleaning Effect Of Industrial Cleaning Agent

- Jan 17, 2018-

Industrial cleaners are commonly used in industrial cleaning and have now become an indispensable material in industrial cleaning. For industrial cleaners, the first few articles have given some introductory remarks, but they are still incomplete. Therefore, we will continue to introduce it today and supplement it completely.

1. Industrial cleaning agent to use the technical requirements

Technical requirements for the use of industrial cleaning agents are:

(1) The speed of cleaning dirt is faster and the dirt can be completely dissolved. Therefore, the cleaning agent is required to have a strong ability to decompose or dissolve dirt, and can remove dirt within a certain period of time.

(2) For cleaning objects, they should not be damaged. Even if there is any damage, they should be within the scope of production permission. If the object to be cleaned is metal, anti-corrosion measures should be taken accordingly.

(3) Cleaners should be readily available and cost less, in order to reduce resource consumption and waste.

(4) The cleaning agent shall be non-toxic to the living environment or the environment and will not pollute the environment. The exhaust gas, waste liquid or waste residue generated during use shall comply with the relevant requirements of the state.

(5) Cleaning conditions should be mild, try not to rely on additional strengthening conditions, which means that the temperature, pressure and mechanical properties of the requirements can not be too high.

(6) In the cleaning process, the use of cleaning agents, the object will not produce residue on the surface cleaning, it will not produce new dirt, it can not form a coating is not conducive to follow-up process, the quality of the product without any influences.

(7) No peculiar smell will be generated during the cleaning process, and the foam that affects the cleaning process and on-site hygiene will not be generated.

(8) The cleaning agent can not be inflammable and explosive, and can not pose a potential safety threat to the cleaning object.

2. The development trend of industrial cleaning agent

The development trend of a: water to oil for cleaning, thereby reducing the use of kerosene, gasoline and other solvents to improve the working environment.

Second development trend: Reduce the temperature in the cleaning process, improve the cleaning effect of industrial cleaning agents and achieve energy saving and emission reduction.

Three trends: the industrial cleaning agent PH value control in the neutral range, in order to reduce corrosion.

Trend Four: Reduce or replace the use of halocarbons, thereby reducing the destruction of the ozone layer.