Have A Good Dispersion, The Finer The Better

- Nov 29, 2016-

With the continuous economic development, the actual demand for pvc processing aids in the industry continues to increase, and its performance is very prominent, and therefore very popular. So, pvc plastic additives for what role in the industry, people know how much? Here to listen to industry experts for a detailed introduction.

pvc plastic additives play an important role in the development of industry. In order to improve the quality of products, many problems should be paid attention to. The compatibility of plastic additives and polymers is one of the influential factors. pvc plastic additives and polymer compatibility is very important, if the compatibility is not good, will affect the quality of plastic.

pvc processing aids pvc plastic additives If the two are incompatible or poor compatibility, plastic additives will precipitate. Plastic additives lose the role of plastic additives after precipitation, but also affect the appearance of plastic products. But not all this, some do not need to have good compatibility, such as lubricant compatibility should not be too large, otherwise it will play the role of plasticizers to soften the polymer.

pvc plastic additives and polymer compatibility mainly depends on their structural similarity. For example, the more polar plasticizers are more compatible with polar PVCs than the less polar ones. In another example, the introduction of longer chain alkyl groups in antioxidants and light stabilizers improves their compatibility with polyolefins.

Some incompatible materials, such as some inorganic fillers, do not dissolve in the polymer, so they need good dispersibility, the finer the better, to be dispersed in the polymer. So pay attention to plastic additives and polymer compatibility issues.