How To Reduce The Density Of Foaming Board ?

- Sep 19, 2018-

How to reduce the density of Foaming Board ?

Density is a very important index for PVC foaming board. Many customer come to us for lower density but same dosage and mechanical property at the same time. We highly recommend foaming regulator from Shandong Polymer additives, P-530, P-600, P-700.

Foaming regulator is a kind of acrylic processing aid but much higher molecular weight. The fuction of general processing aid is to promote fusion and improve processability, foaming regulator can do more. It can give your foaming board with small and uniform cell struction, high melt strengh and melt flowability at the same time. The finish products can get lower density when using Polymer additives foaming regulator.

P-530 can be used in thin foaming board when the thickness is below 5mm. You can choose P-600 for your 5-15mm thickness foaming board. If you are searching additives for your foaming board higher than 15mm, P-700 is the most suitable choice.

Contact us for more information including the fusion property and cell structure comparison.