Foaming Regulator Used In PVC Foam Product From Polymer Additives

- Oct 13, 2018-

Foaming regulator used in PVC foam product from Polymer additives

Brief Introduction

Foaming regulator is a kind of processing aid with high molecular weight.

It can bring foam application more uniform cell structure and density, better melt flow and better finish surface.

Products details

In polymer additives you can find the following foaming regulator for different application.

P-801:PVC pipe

P-530:thin foaming board (thickness <5mm)

P-600:  5-15mm thickness foaming board

P-700:  thickness higher than 15mm

We should first analyze the processability, melt strength and melt flow property of customers' current product. Then we could choose the suitable processing aid and replace it with the same or lower dosage.

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