Common Problems And Solutions For WPC Products

- Sep 29, 2018-

Common problems and solutions for WPC products

WPC product is a kind of environmental products which has varies style of surface and water-proof property.

But many WPC producers are facing the following problem which restrict the wide application of WPC products.

1. High density

2. Poor nail force

3. Poor surface

4. Short production Cycle.

After studied many cases, Shandong Polymer Additives finally provide the right solution.






High density

Poor nail force

Poor surface

Poor surface

l Low melt strength

l Bad fusion

l Lubricant dosage

Choose a foaming regulator with high melt strength and flow ability

Adjust the Lubricant

l Foaming regulator P-800

l Ca-zn stabilizer CS-60

l Lubricant LU-74

l Internal Lubricant LU-60

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