Common Problems And Solutions For WPC Products

- Sep 29, 2018-

Common problems and solutions for WPC products

WPC product is a kind of environmental products which has varies style of surface and water-proof property.

But many WPC producers are facing the following problem which restrict the wide application of WPC products.

  • High density

  • Poor nail force

  • Poor surface

  • Short production Cycle.

After studied many cases, Shandong Polymer Additives finally provide the right solution.






lHigh density

lPoor nail force

lPoor surface

lPoor surface

l Low melt strength

l Bad fusion

l Lubricant dosage

Choose a foaming regulator with high melt strength and flow ability

Adjust the Lubricant

l Foaming regulator P-800

l Ca-zn stabilizer CS-60

l Lubricant LU-74

l Internal Lubricant LU-60

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