Common Lubricants

- Dec 04, 2018-

According to the composition of the lubricant can be divided into: saturated hydrocarbons, metal soaps, aliphatic amides, fatty acids, fatty acid esters and fatty alcohols.

Saturated hydrocarbons can be classified into non-polar hydrocarbons (such as polyethylene wax and polypropylene wax) and polar hydrocarbons (such as chlorinated paraffin, oxidized polyethylene, etc.) by polarity.

According to the molecular weight, it can be divided into: liquid paraffin (C16~C21), paraffin wax (C26~C32), microcrystalline paraffin (C32~C70) and low molecular weight polyethylene (molecular weight 1000~10000), etc. External lubricant.

Metal soaps are both excellent heat stabilizers and lubricants. They have both internal and external lubrication, and the different varieties have slightly different weights.