Chilean Scientist Invents Water-soluble Plastic Bag

- Nov 06, 2018-

Chilean scientist invents water-soluble Plastic Bag

Chilean inventors, completely soluble in water and not a derivative of oil, recently showed a new type of plastic bag and modified the chemical formula used to produce it, the South American newspaper Qiaobao reported To solve the environmental problems caused by traditional plastic bags.

Chilean Roberto Astete and Cristian Olivares recently gave a demonstration of a new material for plastic bags, according to reports.

They took out a plastic bag made of a new material, which looks very similar to a traditional plastic bag, and put it into a container of water. After stirring the liquid for a few seconds, it was found that the plastic bag was missing and the water solution was somewhat cloudy. Astete then drank some water from a glass that had dissolved the plastic bag to prove that the water was still drinkable.

"There are a lot of sources of base materials for new materials, " Astete says. "We looked at the possibilities of reducing production costs and tried out products from a number of suppliers to make sure that our products were both high quality and environmentally friendly. "

"In addition to being environmentally friendly, people can decide when to dissolve the material, " Astete added. "You can use it as many times as you need and dissolve the bag when it breaks, rather than throwing it away. "

Solubag, a Chilean company, currently makes water-soluble plastic bags in China. They also say production could be done anywhere in the world. However, the product has yet to enter the Chilean market and they are in the process of establishing contacts with some of the manufacturers.