Advantages And Defects For PVC Window And Door

- Nov 08, 2018-

Advantages and defects for PVC window and door

PVC windows and doors is the most common kind of windows and doors, affordable, durable, not easy deformation, let us next let's detailed understanding of plastic doors and windows related knowledge, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of plastic doors and windows.


Polyvinyl chloride plastic doors and windows are made of polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, with additives such as stabilizers, modifiers, fillers and UV absorbers added to them The hollow special-shaped materials with various fault structure are extruded by extruder. After fixed length cutting, steel reinforced bars are lined into the inner cavity of the special-shaped materials, and then welded into door and window frames and fans by HOT FUSION WELDING MACHINE Hardware accessories, such as windows and doors constitute the finished product. In order to increase the rigidity of PVC hollow profiled material, the cavity liner in the shape of steel reinforcement, the formation of plastic steel structure, it is also known as plastic steel doors and windows.

PVC plastic doors and windows is a new type of building materials, it is more resistant to wood windows and steel windows corrosion, no paint maintenance, better than aluminum alloy windows and steel windows heat insulation, sound insulation, sealing performance, and Gorgeous appearance Can Be coordinated with all types of buildings.


1, corrosion, acid, Alkali, salt and so on, in the humid, salt fog, acid rain does not corrode, musty, moth-eaten.

2, shape and size stability, not loose, not deformation.

3. Long life, normal use of about 30 years.

4, has the self-flame retardant, will not burn, has the self-extinguishing, the oxygen index is high, reaches more than 40, is advantageous to the fire prevention.

5, Appearance Beauty, strong texture, rich color, easy to scrub clean.

6, the use of light and flexible, anti-impact, no impact when the switch sound. This is primarily due to the elastomeric sealing materials used for doors and windows, such as PVC and EPDM.

7. Little maintenance, no paint, and low cost.

8, air tightness, watertightness and so on greatly superior to steel, wood doors and windows, generally higher than their 2-3 grades. Air Tightness and water tightness can lead to many problems, such as indoor and outdoor heat exchange caused by energy loss and so on.


Due to the low elastic modulus of PVC material, only 1 / 80 of steel, in order to achieve the required steel window wind pressure, we increase the material section, increase its inertia moment, and in the appropriate cavity with steel lining.

As a result of large material cross-section of the material caused by the material light area increased, resulting in the whole window flat area than steel windows about 5%-11% smaller than 4%-9% or so.

As the material section increases, the corresponding material line weight also increases, resulting in a higher cost of windows, single glass than steel windows 30%-50% more expensive, but in some cold areas, single-file double-glazing PVC windows compared to double single-file Aluminum Alloy Windows Cost is lower than the latter, but PVC windows insulation, lighting and so on than double-grade aluminum alloy windows much better. This is one of the reasons that PVC windows have been most successful in cold climates.