Transparent products with good barrier properties

- Feb 01, 2018-

1. PVC profile

Profiles and profiled profiles are the areas with the largest PVC consumption in China, accounting for about 25% of the total PVC consumption. They are mainly used in the production of windows and doors and energy-saving materials, and their application volume is still growing substantially across the country. In developed countries, the market share of plastic windows and doors is also the highest, such as Germany is 50%, France 56%, the United States 45%.

2. PVC pipe

In many PVC products, PVC pipe is its second largest consumer, accounting for about 20% of its consumption. In our country, PVC pipe is earlier developed than PE pipe and PP pipe, with many varieties, excellent performance and wide range of use, occupying an important position in the market.

3. PVC film

PVC film in the field of consumption of PVC ranked third, accounting for about 10%. PVC and additives mixed, plasticized, the use of three-roll or four-roll calender to produce a transparent or colored film of the specified thickness, with this method of processing films, a rolling film. Can also be tailored, heat sealing processing bags, raincoats, tablecloths, curtains, inflatable toys. Wide transparent film can be used for greenhouse, plastic shed and film. Biaxially stretched film, the characteristics of the heat shrinkable, shrink packaging can be used.

4.PVC hardwood and sheet

PVC stabilizer, lubricants and fillers, after mixing, the extruder can be squeezed out of various sizes of hard pipe, special-shaped pipe, bellows, used for sewer pipes, drinking pipes, wire casing or staircase handrails . The calendered sheet overlap hot pressing, can be made of various thickness of the hard plate. Sheet can be cut into the desired shape, and then use the PVC electrode with hot air welding into a variety of chemical-resistant tanks, ducts and containers.

5.PVC general soft goods

The use of extruders can be squeezed into hoses, cables, wires, etc .; use of injection molding machine with a variety of molds can be made of plastic sandals, soles, slippers, toys, auto parts and so on.

6. PVC packaging materials

PVC products for packaging mainly for a variety of containers, films and hard films. PVC containers mainly produce mineral water, beverages, cosmetics bottles, but also for refined oil packaging. PVC films can be used with other polymers to co-extrude low-cost laminates, as well as transparent articles with good barrier properties. Polyvinyl chloride film can also be used for stretch or shrink packaging, for packaging mattresses, cloths, toys and industrial goods.

7. PVC wall siding and flooring

PVC wall panels are mainly used to replace the aluminum wall panels. Polyvinyl chloride floor tiles in addition to a portion of PVC resin, the remaining components are recycled materials, adhesives, fillers and other components, mainly used in the airport terminal floor and other places on the hard ground.

PVC daily consumer goods

Baggage bag is made of PVC processing traditional products, PVC is used to make a variety of imitation leather for luggage, sports products, such as basketball, football and rugby. It can also be used to make belts for uniforms and special protective equipment. Clothing PVC fabrics are generally absorbent fabrics (no coating), such as poncho, baby pants, leather jackets and a variety of rain boots. Polyvinyl chloride is used in many sports and entertainment products such as toys, record labels and sporting goods, PVC toys and sporting goods. It has advantages due to its low production cost and ease of molding.

PVC coated products

The artificial leather with the substrate is PVC paste coated on the cloth or paper, and then plasticized at above 100 ℃. Can also be the first PVC and additives calendared into films, and then laminated with the substrate. Non-substrate artificial leather is directly calender calendered into a certain thickness of the soft-made sheet, and then pressed on the pattern can be. Artificial leather can be used to make luggage, purses, book covers, sofas and car seats, etc., as well as floor leather, used as a floor covering for buildings.