The fuction of different raw materials in PVC profile fomular

- Oct 30, 2018-

The fuction of different raw materials in PVC profile fomular


PVC Resin

PVC Resin have diffrent k value. The higher K value, the higher polymerization, higher molecular weight and strength, but worse melting flow ability and process ability.

We choose K value 66-70 PVC resin on producing UPVC profile.

PVC Stabilizers

PVC resin is very sensitive to heat, when heating temperature reached 90℃, there will be a slight thermal decomposition reaction, when the temperature rises to 120℃, decomposition reaction intensified, in 150, 10 minutes, PVC from the original white will gradually become yellow to red - Brown - black. final burn.

The main function of PVC stabilizer is to prevent pvc decomposite during heating or using, let PVC successfully form ,process products , prevent deterioration of products.

The most common PVC stabilizer is lead based one pack PVC Stabilizer (LS-15, LS-25, LS-28 LS-35), calcium zinc complex stabilizer (CS-50, CS-60, CS-70) or tin stabilizer.

Internal and external lubricants

Internal lubrication reduce the friction between the polymer molecular chains during the process procesing of polymer, The internal lubricants should be well compatible with polymers, and can be dispersed evenly between molecular chains, thereby reducing the internal friction of molecular chains, improving the mobility of polymers and improving the surface of products.

External lubrication reduce the friction of suface between polymer and mechanical during the molding process. it is very compatible with polymers. It is easy to transfer from polymer to surface during processing and form a lubricant molecular layer at the interface.

On prfoile, we usually used calcium stearate or stearic acid as internal lubricant, and PE WAX (PW-300) or F.T WAX as external lubricants.

Impact modifier

PVC resin is a hard brittle material with poor impact strength, especially low temperature impact performance, poor weatherability, and limited application in many fields. Therefore, it is necessary to add the anti impact modifier to improve its toughness and weatherability.

Normal we use AIM-50, AIM-55 or CPE-135A as impact modifier.

ACR Processing aid

ACR processing aid be used to improve the processing performance of hard PVC, promote the melting of resin, improve flowing of the melt and give the lubrication function.can

Maintain the strength and resistance of PVC plastic, resistance to ageing and improve good surface.

Usaully use P-125, P-175 or other ACR processing aid on PVC profile


Pigment usually use titanium dioxide , carbon black, optical brightener, titanium dioxide rutile and carbon black one side as pigments, another as uv asborber and antioxidants,


The main role of filler (CaCO3) is to improve the thermal stability and weatherability of products, improve the hardness and wear resistance of products, improve product anti deformation ability, reduce shrinkage ratio and extrusion expansion effect, reducing the cost,

Usually used coated calcium carbonate on PVC profile.

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