The construction craft of PVC wall board

- Nov 19, 2018-

The construction craft of PVC wall board, should accomplish these six steps

Parapet is used to protect the wall of the board, is the rapid development of a type of wall decorative materials, long-term maintenance of our home wall neat, decorative effect is better. WALLING board takes lumber as base material more, and now PVC walling board is taking the market share, its good and cheap, clean and convenient. Today to introduce you to the construction steps of PVC wall panel.

Introduction to the BASIC SITUATION OF PVC wall panel

PVC is a kind of vinyl polymer, which is made of a non-crystalline material. Pvc Wall Board is light, heat insulation, heat preservation, moistureproof, flame retardancy, construction is simple and so on. Specifications, colors, patterns, rich decorative, can be applied to the interior wall and ceiling decoration, is one of the plastic materials in the application of decorative materials.


1. Measure the wall. First, measure the length of the wall panel that needs to be installed. Take the length of the aluminum alloy according to this dimension. According to the size of the wall panel to calculate the number of required wall panel integer block, the extra space can be completed with the wall panel.

2. Nail the fixing hole on the cut aluminum alloy, drill the hole on the wall according to the space of the hole on the P aluminum alloy, use the expansion screw or steel nail to fix the skirting hook on the wall.

3, install the top corner line, generally in its two side coated with special glue, and then stick to the top corner, and then pull a few minutes, and then can be tightly glued. High Humidity area two kicking line combination, should leave out the appropriate expansion joints, especially in the corner of the furniture, expansion joints should be more consideration.

4. Install wainscot. Insert the Wainscot from left to right into the skirting line. The starting block should be fluted from the corner to the corner. Install expansion screws or steel screws at 1.5 cm from the upper opening of the sheathing plate. In the waist line groove coated with special glue, after a few minutes can be inserted into the CONVEX and concave surface, in the corner must be 45 diagonal.

5. Install rubber bumper strip on aluminum alloy bayonet, protect left and right seals placed in both ends of the parapet panel, cut the length of PVC panel, cover the panel in aluminum alloy, installation is completed.

6. At the end of the installation, the two edges of the corners need to be glued all the way down to the top corner, then pull apart for a while and then stick together. This will increase the fastness of the sheathing and increase its useful life.