The common yellowing problem of PVC PIPE

- Apr 02, 2019-

The common yellowing problem of PVC PIPE and its solution

Many manufacturers of PVC pipes are troubled by the yellowing of their products, and in the production process of PVC pipes, the whitening agent is an important factor affecting the products Shandong polymer additives share the yellowing problem of PVC pipes and the solution:

First of all, PVC pipe yellowing is the main reason for the amount of stabilizer is not enough or grade is not good, there may be red phenomenon, there may be a very poor quality of the stabilizer.
However, most of the problems are caused by lubrication imbalance, lubrication is too little, especially the outer slip is too little, too plasticizing caused by pipe discoloration, Brittle;
You can add a little bit of titanium dioxide, see if it can be covered, if not try to add stabilizer or replace, if using Calcium Zinc stabilizer is more attention to the adjustment of the lubricant.

In addition should consider PVC resin, other conditions the same, PVC poor quality, the finished product will become more yellow, need more stabilizers.