Shandong Polymer additives CO. ltd tells you the developing trends of pvc stabilizer

- Jan 15, 2019-

Shandong Polymer additives Co. ltd tells you the developing trends of pvc stabilizer

The development of PVC stabilizers has brought us many conveniences. The research and development of every kind of auxiliaries will give us PVC products that affect our life. PVC materials are polyvinyl chloride, which can be seen everywhere in our life Make anticorrosive pipes, fittings, oil pipelines, centrifugal pumps and blowers, etc. . Polyvinyl chloride are widely used in the chemical industry to make tank linings, building linings, corrugated board, window and door structures, wall decorations and other building materials. Because of the excellent performance of electrical insulation, can be used in the electrical and electronic industry, for manufacturing plugs, sockets, switches and cables. In everyday life, polyvinyl chloride are used in the manufacture of sandals, raincoats, toys and artificial leather. These PVC products affect every aspect of our lives.
The increase in the demand for PVC products drives the development of the PVC stabilizer industry. PVC Products Affect Our lives so PVC stabilizer development is also getting closer to the impact of life. Industrial Development of PVC stabilizer this industry is also in rapid development. The development trend of auxiliaries is non-toxic and multi-functional. Compatibility. The development of Molecular Quantization, compound auxiliaries and containerization technology is rapid.
The research and development of PVC stabilizers tend to be non-toxic and non-polluting. The development and research of alternatives to CD and PB stabilizers are very active Ba-zn and Ca-Zn stabilizers and Organotin and organoantimony stabilizers have been developed quickly and consumed in large quantities. Vitamin E has been applied as a "green" polyolefin antioxidant and is expected to be a substitute for BHT in the future The first non-toxic Ba-Zn and Ca-Zn stabilizers developed by tian-yue have received good market response.
Great progress has been made in the development of multifunctional auxiliaries, such as antistatic plasticizer, Flame Retardant Plasticizer and multifunctional stabilizer.
According to the principle of synergetic effect among various auxiliaries, the compound auxiliaries can be integrated into one body to facilitate the plastic processing and full automatic operation. The compound products are mainly used in the hindered phenol main antioxidant and the phosphite vinegar auxiliary antioxidant system, but the wheat gathering auxiliary agent is mainly used in the polyvinyl chloride processing field.
High Molecular Weight Tendency of PVC STABILIZER
The development of stabilizing auxiliaries, plasticizers and flame retardants reflects this trend. In addition, the high-molecular-weight hindered Amine light stabilizer exhibited the thermal oxidation resistance, the high-molecular-weight plasticizer had the resistance to extraction, and the heat resistance and the compatibility with resin were improved.
PVC stabilizer future is definitely toward the green health environmental protection diversification development. Into our lives.