PVC shrink film solution

- Jul 23, 2018-

Reference formula for PVC shrink film:

PVC 50

Calcium stearate 0.3

Stearate Acid 0.25

ACR Processing aid 0.3-0.8

Nano calcium 0.3

Paraffin 0.25,

DOP 2.5

 Soybean oil 2

Organic tin 1.3

 whitening agent 0.005


Advantages of PVC shrink film


1) The appearance is beautiful and close to the goods, so it is also called pasted packaging.

2) Good protection. If the inner package of shrink package is combined with the transport package hanging on the outer package, it can have better protection.

3) good cleaning quality, especially suitable for the packaging of precision instruments and high-precision electronic components.

4) good cost-performance.

5) good anti-pilferage property, a variety of food can be packaged together with a large shrink film to avoid loss.

6) good stability, the goods in the packaging film will not tilt.

7) good transparency. Customers can see the product content directly.


By using plasticizer, occurred with the increase of the content of plasticizer, the thermal shrinkage temperature drops, for example: using suspension type 3 PVC powder, add 30 ~ 50 PHR DOP plasticizer, two-way stretch can at about 70  temperature, its products at around 40  can shrink, unable to save on a hot day. Besides, with the increase of the content of plasticizer, wire and cable with heat shrinkable sleeve volume resistivity decreased, therefore, we in the wire and cable connector for the production of PVC heat shrinkable sleeve with, still use resin processing easier type 6 or 7, in order to improve the insulation, used the combination of the salt and the salt heat stabilizer and increasing the film thickness, to ensure that the insulation.P83 nitrile rubber not only has good workability, flexibility and cold resistance, but also can improve strength and stress cracking resistance of PVC products.Active CaCO3 mainly improves product insulation, flame retardant and reduces cost.


Application of PVC heat shrinkable film


PVC heat-shrinkable film is made of PVC resin mixed with more than ten kinds of auxiliary materials, which is characterized by good transparency, easy shrinkage, high strength, and shrinkage rate, which can be adjusted freely according to the needs of users and have strong operability. Its features of water proofing, flame retardant, low cost and high output are also favored by manufacturers, distributors and users.

At present, the annual demand of heat-shrinkable film in four industries of beverage, cosmetics and medicine in China is more than one million tons, which shows that its market is unprecedentedly vast.

In China, thermal shrinkage film is mainly used in the following three fields.

In the field of beverage packaging, the total amount of heat-shrinkable film soft drink bottle labeling required in soft drink packaging, milk product packaging and pure water packaging markets exceeds 100,000 tons, and the annual average speed is increasing by 18%.

In the field of medical packaging, thermal shrinkable film is replacing paper box, which greatly reduces the packaging cost of medical enterprises.Medical packaging mainly refers to the packaging of drugs and medical machinery for bottle, cover, box, film and so on.

In the field of beer packaging, China's beer production exceeded 51,890 million tons last year, with an estimated demand of more than 82 billion beer bottles. If 5% of the beer bottles were covered with heat-shrinkable film, the annual consumption would reach 50,000 tons, and the market potential was amazing.

At present, there are hundreds of thousands of tons of heat-shrinkable film used in plastic packaging in China, including PVC, PS, PE and other materials.

The development of thermal shrinkage technology promotes the marketization of thermal shrinkage film, making PVC thermal shrinkage film cover the packaging field of electronic products, medical products and other industries, and promoting the development of product soft packaging industry.At the same time, heat shrink label, shrink bottle cap is also developed.