- Feb 22, 2019-

The pure PVC resin is easy to decompose, poor fluidity, low impact strength and poor weather resistance, so it is necessary to add all kinds of auxiliary materials during the processing to improve its properties. Such as: Lubricants, Heat Stabilizers, impact modifier, processing AIDS and so on.

In the process of development and application of processing AIDS, products can be divided into the following broad categories according to their composition: Methyl methacrylate acrylate, mmastyrene copolymer, acrylonitrile styrene, etc. The most widely used and most effective is the acrylate copolymer.

The processing aid was first developed by Rohm & Hass Company in 1958, and the first brand K-120 was launched in the same year. Since then, many foreign companies have begun to enter the field, developed similar products. Since 1970s, with the rapid growth of PVC products, processing AIDS have been widely used. Currently, the main foreign manufacturers and related products are Mitsubishi Corporation P series, Kaneka PA series, Rohm & Hass K series, BEAR f series, and ATOFINA P series And Korea LG CHEM'S PA series.