PVC PROCESSING AID ACR, small amount of big effect

- Mar 22, 2019-

PVC PROCESSING AID ACR, small amount of big effect

ACR PRODUCTS IN PVC products in a small amount but the role can not be underestimated, PVC products directly related to the performance and quality of ACR, in general PVC processing AIDS can be divided into three categories:

1. Promotion plasticizing processing AIDS: These additives are widely used in rigid PVC products. Their main functions are to promote plasticizing, improve melt rheological properties and other additives dispersion, and improve the apparent quality of products. Applicable to profile, pipe, plate (coil) and other major PVC products, reference dosage 1-2 PHR

2. foaming regulator: Because of its high molecular weight, PVC foaming regulator can greatly improve the melt strength of PVC materials, thus effectively envelop the foaming gas, form a uniform honeycomb structure, and prevent the gas from escaping At the same time, PVC foaming regulator is also conducive to other additives including foaming agent dispersion, improve product surface quality, improve gloss.

It is suitable for foamed sheet, foamed Bar, foamed pipe, foamed profile, foamed wood plastic and so on. The reference dosage is 4-8phr

3. External lubricating processing aid: it has the same good metal stripping property as oxidized polyethylene wax, but it has good compatibility with PVC, and it can also increase the processing plasticizing property and improve the melt rheological property to a certain extent At the same time, the expansion of the outlet is not changed, the hot forming property is not changed, and the effect of the fog caused by the precipitation of the lubricant is prevented in the transparent products.

It is suitable for formula or equipment with high processing requirement, especially transparent sheet, foamed profile, foamed board and foamed wood plastic, etc. . Reference Dose 0.5-2 PHR

In the process of Tube extrusion, the melt elasticity can be improved and the residual material between the two rollers can roll smoothly, the apparent quality can be improved, the "Sharkskin" phenomenon can be eliminated and the extrusion rate can be increased Transparent extrusion can greatly reduce the number of "fish eyes" in the product, increase the melt elasticity in injection molding, thus reducing the injection amount, reduce the "white lines" phenomenon, improve the surface gloss and improve the welding strength If the addition of lubricating processing AIDS can improve the film stripping efficiency, speed up the injection cycle and increase the production, prevent the "spray-frost" phenomenon brought about by the external slip-out, the plasticization can be improved, the fisheye phenomenon can be reduced and the melt elasticity can be improved in blow molding To make the molding thickness more uniform.