PVC lead stabilizer

- Mar 10, 2019-

Introduction of PVC lead stabilizer

During PVC production, heat stabilizer is necessary.

Becuase its excellent thermal stability and compitive price ,  lead based one pack staiblizers are widely used in all type of none transparent PVC plastics.

Lead based one pack PVC stabilzier is mainly composed by TBLS, DLP, LS and other co- stabilizer, at same time inluding internal&external lubricants, antioxidant and other chemical, so usually no or less added other lubricants in pvc plasitc production.

Based on diffrent application, lead stabilizer have diffrent lead content, and different lubricants system. Find details as below:

Lead content,%  Applications
30-31PVC pipe, PVC foam board
25-30PVC ceiling board, PVC panel
20-23 PVC sole or soft hose
40-45PVC pipe fittings, windows, door, PVC compound for Cable or wire