- May 23, 2019-


Some components in the colorant for PVC sheets may contribute to the degradation of the resin. For example, iron and zinc ions are catalysts for the degradation of PVC; The use of iron oxide (red, yellow, Brown and black) pigments or white pigments such as zinc oxide, zinc sulfide and lithopone may reduce the thermal stability of PVC resins and some colorants may interact with the degradation products of PVC RESINS If ultramarine pigment acid resistance is poor, so in the process of PVC coloring, will be produced by the decomposition of PVC hydrogen chloride interaction and loss of color.

Two other common features of PVC sheets are:


Migration occurs only in plasticized PVC products, and is in the use of dyes or organic pigments, the so-called migration is in the solvent around the part of soluble dyes or organic pigments, through plasticizer infiltration to the surface of PVC PRODUCTS Those dissolved Dye (pigment) particles are also brought to the surface of the product, which leads to discoloration, solvent discoloration or frosting.

Weather Resistance

The ability of a pigment to withstand various climates. These include visible and ultraviolet light, moisture, temperature, atmospheric chlorination and chemicals encountered during use, and important weatherability, including non-fading, powdering and physical properties.

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