NC blowing agent introduction

- Nov 01, 2018-

What is nc blowing agent?

Shandong Polymer additives Co., Ltd produces NC blowing agent also called NC foaming agent, it is white solid powder. NC blowing agent belong to endothermic blowing agents has been specially developed for giving uniform cell structures and best dispersion in rigid PVC foams, along with no interference in the colour of the product. Without using of the activator, decomposition depends only on the heat and processing conditions

NC blowing agent mainly used for PVC and PS profiles, plates, sheets of extrusion injection foam, such as blinds, picture frames and other low-foam plastic products, TPU ,TPR soles and high-grade PVC injection slippers, sandals.

NC blowing agent usually used with AC blowing agent,foam regulator on WPC, PVC Foam board or foam profile.

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