Main performance requirements and machining equipment for SPC FLOOR

- May 06, 2019-

Main performance requirements of SPC Floor

1. It has lower shrinkage, warp degree and better toughness.

2. To ensure that all kinds of environment is not easy to deformation and better lock tension and a certain amount of peel between the substrate and the film. The performance mainly depends on the kind of material components processing equipment capacity to determine.


1. Because SPC floor production line has large extrusion volume and needs on-line laminating, the stability of continuous production is very important.

2. Because SPC floor is high filling, screw wear is serious, screw value is high, so the influence of screw life on total cost must be considered.

3. The floor is thinner, the thickness tolerance is small, the extrusion speed is fast, therefore requires a better material dispersion, plasticizing performance and fluidity.


1. High wear-resistant, relatively low extrusion pressure plasticized better screw cylinder

2. Design the mould with reasonable and even discharge

3. Multi-roll calender system with simple operation and accurate thickness control

4. Accurate and reliable deviation correction system controlled by MEMBRANE-GUIDED EXPANSION FORCE

5. And have sufficient cooling space and capacity

6. Cutting and moving shall not adversely affect the appearance and warpage of the sheet metal

7. Manufacturer Selection: Can Not one-sided pursuit of output, but according to their own plate thickness range choice machine size. 80 / 92 / 110 is suitable for plate production in different thickness range, the general configuration of 1:2:1 or 1:3:1 is more reasonable.

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