Know more about PVC impact modifier

- Nov 01, 2018-

Know more about PVC impact modifier

Generally, in order to improve the impact resistance of PVC products, impact modifiers (toughening agents)  such as ABS, MBS, acrylic rubber, chlorinated polyethylene or EVA, are mixed with PVC. Sufficient impact resistance for practical use can be obtained by blending 5~20 weight parts of these impact modifiers to 100 weight parts of PVC. 

Acrylic impact modifier (AIM) has grown to become the market’s best-performing series for outdoor, durable PVC applications. This leading role is thanks to its remarkable combination of impact performance, gloss properties and excellent weatherability, resulting in an outstanding cost-performance ratio.The typical applications for AIM is window profiles, sidings, pipes and furniture sheets. AIM-50 and AIM-55 is common types of AIM from Shandong Polymer Additives .

MBS impact modifier range is tailor-made for the specific needs for rigid and semi-rigid indoor PVC applications, whether the requirement is extreme impact resistance or guaranteed high transparency.

Typical applications are sheets, food-packaging film, bottles, blister packs, pipes and fittings. You can use MBS-200 from us.

CPE 135A from Shandong Polymer Additives is designed for general purpose plastic impact modification where superior impact strength, good low temperature property and high filler acceptance are required. This grade is the most popular grade for plastic impact modification.

Typical applications are PVC door and window profiles, siding, sheet, fence, pipe, electrical conduit etc.