Know more about acrylic processing aid.

- Oct 30, 2018-

Know more about acrylic processing aid.

  • In market, you maybe meet many types of Acrylic processing which makes you confused what is acrylic processing aid.

    The content below from Shandong polymer additives Co., ltd can help you kown more about Acrylic processing aid simple.

    The main function of general acrylic processing aid is promote fusion, improve the melt flow ability and melt strength, in Shandong polymer additive, you can find the equivalent for K-125 and K-175, which is P-125 and P-175.

    Acrylic processing aid with high molecular weight and intrinsic viscosity can used in PVC foaming board as foaming regulator. Such as P-530, P-801, P-600, P-700.

Write by Ms Alice, Director of sales of Shandong polymer additives Co., ltd