Introduction of ACR from Polymer Additives

- Apr 23, 2019-

Introduction of ACR from Polymer Additives                      

ACR is a kind of thermoplastic graft polymer prepared by emulsion polymerization of Methyl methacrylate and Butyl acrylate, which can be divided into processing modifier and impact modifier.

The processing aids for PVC is a kind of macromolecule material. When a small amount (1 ~ 5 parts) is added to PVC, the processing properties of PVC Resin can be improved obviously without serious damage to other properties. Unlike plasticizers or lubricants, this additive has a high compatibility with PVC and a relatively high molecular weight (about (1-2)105-2.5106G / Mol) skinless powder that is subjected to heat and mixing during the Molding Process By means of friction and heat transfer, the melting (gelation) and the viscosity of the melt not only do not decrease, but even increase, because of the entanglement of the molecular chain The elasticity, strength and extensibility of PVC were improved. In addition,. The processing AIDS with core-shell structure are composed of the compatible part and the incompatible part with PVC. On the whole, it is incompatible with PVC, so it has the function of external lubricant, but it does not precipitate and scale, and has the function of deferring to melting. Therefore, according to these application characteristics, processing AIDS can be divided into general, lubrication, transparent, San, heat-resistant and ultra-high melt strength of five types.

1 General Purpose Processing AIDS (P-125, P-120)

The main function of the universal processing AIDS is to promote the plasticization of PVC mixture. The products can be widely used with PVC rigid products, such as PVC profiles, PVC pipes, PVC injection pipe fittings and PVC foam products.

2 lubricated processing AIDS(P-125)

In addition to promoting the plasticization of materials, the lubricating processing AIDS also have the function of metal stripping to prevent the adhesion between the melt and the metal surface and extend the start-up Cycle

3 transparent processing AIDS(P-20,P-40)

The main function of transparent processing AIDS is to promote the plasticization of PVC mixture without affecting the optical properties of PVC. These products can be applied to all PVC products, especially transparent PVC products such as transparent sheets, transparent films and other blow molding products.

4 San processing AIDS(P-801)

SAN, which was synthesized by styrene-acrylonitrile copolymerization, can effectively promote plasticization of PVC, improve surface gloss, obviously improve the thermal deformation temperature of PVC products, and endow PVC products with higher surface hardness and rigidity.

5 Heat Resistant Processing AIDS

Heat resistant modifier can improve the heat deformation temperature of PVC, ABS and other plastic products, and has good compatibility with PVC and ABS, and can improve the surface gloss of products. Mainly used in the production of line cards, telecommunications cards, electrical equipment shell on PVC heat-resistant products.

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