How to improve the welding angle strength of section material

- Nov 08, 2018-

How to improve the welding angle strength of section material

The welding angle strength is very important to the using function of plastic-steel doors and windows, it directly affects the service life of doors and windows and personal safety. Below we focus on the welding factors. Matters needing attention in improving welding angle strength of plastic-steel doors and windows:

Method step


Profile cutting surface should be smooth and flat, should not have the phenomenon of the gap.


To ensure that the cutting section angle of 45 degrees pole material and the verticality of the bottom of the profile.


To ensure the accuracy of blanking size, control at plus or minus 1mm.


Improving the quality of welded plate. If the welding plate temperature is uniform, temperature control is stable, and the actual temperature and the set temperature is consistent. At present, the actual temperature of welded plates of welding equipment in many window and door assembly plants in our country is often quite different from the set temperature, with a difference of more than 10 degrees, and some even more. Therefore, it is recommended that window and DOOR FACTORIES PURCHASE POINT THERMOMETERS In order to adjust the welding plate temperature.


Check the position of welded plate and locating plate. If the position is not right, the welding plate and the positioning plate are not right, including the position of the welding plate and the pincers of the press clamp platform are not symmetrical, not parallel, and the welding plate and the press clamp platform is not vertical three aspects.


Should choose high-strength, heat-resistant, easy heat conduction, not easy to stick to high-quality welding cloth. Keep the welding cloth clean, and replace the damaged welding cloth in time.


Check that the front and back surfaces of the vise platform are on a horizontal plane. Check whether the side profiles of the welding machine's right and left heads are parallel and perpendicular to the back profiles. Also make sure that the angle between the plate and the jaws is 45 degrees.


Controlled Butt extrusion. Butt extrusion is that the second feed distance is less the first feed distance, the amount of extrusion should be about 1mm, too large or too small will affect the strength. Butt extrusion amount is generally controlled by the stroke of the downward pressure clamp feeding cylinder or the Feed Control Bolt.


Set the correct welding machine parameters: After welding, welding slag is milky white crack-like, or welding slag slightly yellow, for the successful welding process. The welding plate pulling out speed and the pressure clamp plate connecting speed are too slow, which will cause the cold film on the joint surface of the profile, and affect the strength. This is especially important during the winter months.