How to improve the hardness of PVC wire pipe?

- Nov 19, 2018-

How to improve the hardness of the line pipe?

1. Increase the plastication as high as possible, as long as the decomposition of color can be appropriately improved plastication, so that the material is relatively high thinness soft point.

2. The cutting pressure on the die position, when the soft increase, the temperature of the confluence is relatively higher, this can make the die pressure increase.

3. For the stability to be relatively good, can not use cheap stabilizer, think the general use of poor stability of the poor lubrication. And it's a lot of it.

4.  Minimize the fraction of lubricant so that when the product is deformed by an external force, the molecular linkage of PVC is less susceptible to damage.

5. Do not use too much CPE, high CPE content will affects the hardness of the pipe.

6. Effective flat straight, try to use 2.5Times lower. So the pressure density can be increased a lot.

7. Effective flat straight section front end, can increase the secondary pressure chamber.

8. want the hardness to be very high, tear strength obviously two coexist, calcium powder try not to exceed 50-60 parts.

9. Internal Lubrication use as little as possible, or use the lubrication of macromolecular structure