Has better heat resistance, UV resistance and seismic characteristics

- Feb 01, 2018-

Silicone Additives Coupling Effects in the Construction Industry

As a new type of material, Silicone Additives improve the strength and structure of materials used to construct materials. It can even glue together a variety of different materials such as concrete, glass, and plastic. Silicone coupling agents also maintain the integrity of the building's structure, allowing it to be fully tested for life. The structural mounting materials and coatings for silicone sealants provide excellent resistance to heat, rheumatism and chemical attack and can reduce external corrosion of construction and construction materials, even in extreme climatic conditions. Silicone has been given the highest level of flexibility in planning to meet these requirements by enhancing the strength of the data. For example, silicone coupling agents and mounting materials enable insulating glass panels to have better resistance to heat, UV rays and shocks so that they reach sufficient strength for use in large building structures.

PVC processing aids series Lubrication process modifier is a unique feature of lubricity processing aids, it is an acrylic copolymer. Suitable for all PVC products, such as sheet, film, bottle, profile, pipe, pipe fittings, injection molded parts and foam board. It can be used alone in the PVC processing aid molding process, but the more common approach is to add it along with other processing aids to promote the plasticization of PVC resins. Second, the product performance In the process of PVC processing, adding a small amount of the product, the original transparency can be maintained on the basis of its excellent metal peelability, better processing fluidity, while greatly extending the running time, Increase yield, and give the product a better surface finish.