Good thermal stability, has been widely used

- Jan 31, 2018-

Lead salt stabilizer cheap, good thermal stability, has been widely used, but lead salt powder small, ingredients and mixing, the dust inhalation can cause lead poisoning, therefore, science and technology have also developed a new type The composite lead salt thermal stabilizer. This composite additive uses a symbiotic reaction technique to mix tribasic, di-salt and metal soaps with primary particle sizes and various lubricants in the reaction system to ensure adequate dispersion of the thermal stabilizer in the PVC system , At the same time due to co-melting with the lubricant to form a granular, but also to avoid the lead poisoning caused by dust. The composite lead salt stabilizer contains the heat stabilizer component and lubricant component required for the processing, which is called the whole package heat stabilizer. It has the following advantages:

(1) The various components of the composite heat stabilizer can be well mixed in the production process, greatly improving the uniformity of mixing and dispersion with the resin.

(2) When the formula is mixed, the number of measurement is simplified, the probability of measurement error and the loss caused by the measurement are reduced.

(3) Convenient supply and storage of auxiliary materials are conducive to production and quality management.

(4) provides the possibility of producing dust-free products and improving the production conditions.

In short, the composite heat stabilizer is conducive to the scale of production, which provides a new direction for the development of lead salt heat stabilizer. Composite lead salt stabilizer is an important indicator of lead content, the current production of composite lead salt stabilizer lead content is generally 20% -60%; PVC plastic door and window profiles in the amount of 3.5-6 copies.