Common problems and causes of PVC PROFILE

- Nov 28, 2018-

Summary of common problems and causes of PVC PROFILE

Surface discoloration yellow.

  • Formula Stability is not enough, stabilizer and lubricant with inappropriate, or the unqualified content in the formula.

  • High Mixing temperature or high barrel and Die Temperature

Section warping or bending

  • Cooling is not uniform, or extrusion speed is too fast.

  • The molding die, the traction machine and the machine head are not on a straight line

Scratches on the surface

  • Foreign bodies in the mold or in the mouth

The surface is rough, the glossiness is bad, has the cloudy phenomenon.

  • Poor plasticization, low temperature or too fast extrusion or low ACR quantity or poor quality.

Yellow or black lines appear on the surface of profiles.

  • There is hysteresis in the converging core or in the mold

The Section material has the obvious weld line or the crack bar.

  • Poor plasticizing or formula over-lubricated, cooling water into the cavity
    Embrittlement of profiles.

  • Poor plastination, excessive or insufficient lubrication or stabilizer,lack of impact modification or poor quality

High cost and poor quality.

  • The formulation should not be appropriate or small material quality problems

    There are many problems in the processing of profiles, such as over-plasticizing or poor plasticizing, problems such as machine jamming or foreign material, cooling uniformity or traction speed, etc. Specific analysis is needed when specific problems are encountered, you can contact with Shandong Polymer additives to get more