Application Field of PVC heat shrinkable film

- Nov 08, 2018-

Application Field of PVC heat shrinkable film

PVC Heat shrinkable film is made by mixing PVC Resin and a dozen kinds of accessories and then blowing it twice. It is characterized by good transparency, easy contraction, high strength, shrinkage can be adjusted freely according to user's need, and it is strong in Operability. Its waterproof, flame retardancy, relatively low cost and high output characteristics, but also by the production enterprises, vendors and the use of enterprises.

At present, China's beverage, cosmetics, drugs, heat shrinkable film 4 Industries annual demand for about 1 million tons, it is unprecedented vast market.

In China, heat shrinkable film is mainly used in the following three areas.

In the field of beverage packaging, the total consumption of heat shrinkable film labels on soft drink bottles for the soft drink packaging, milk product packaging, and pure water packaging markets has exceeded 100,000 tons, and is growing at an average annual rate of 18% .

In the field of pharmaceutical packaging, shrink-wrap is replacing paper boxes greatly reduced the packaging costs of pharmaceutical enterprises. Medical packaging mainly refers to the packaging of drugs and medical machinery with bottles, caps, boxes, films and so on.

In the field of beer packaging, China's beer production last year more than 51.89 million tons, about the need for more than 82 billion beer bottles, such as 5% of the use of heat shrinkable film bottle sets, the annual consumption of 50,000 tons, the market potential is amazing.

At present, there are hundreds of thousands of tons of heat shrinkable film used in plastic packaging in China, including PVC, PS, PE and so on.

The development of heat shrinkable technology promotes the marketization of heat shrinkable film, which makes PVC heat shrinkable film cover the packaging fields of electronic products, pharmaceutical products and so on. At the same time, heat shrinkable labels and shrinking bottle caps were developed.

Pvc Heat shrinkable film Reference Formula:

PVC 50, Calcium stearate 0.3, stearic acid 0.25, ACR 0.3-0.8, Nano calcium 0.3, paraffin 0.25, DOP 2.5, soybean oil 2, Ba, CR, zn stabilizer 1.6(or Organotin 1.3) , whitener 0.005